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We are experienced in delivering training to a range of professionals and agencies.

To enhance learning, we aim to make training:

What will it cost?

We provide bespoke training to meet the needs of your service, including brief introductory lectures, half day or full day events.

Training costs will vary depending on your specific requirements. Please call us for a quote.


At the completion of the training event we like to invite attendees to complete feedback forms.

This enables us to continually improve the service we offer. Our policy is to share feedback with the commissioning person(s).  


Mental Health and Family Functioning

Mental health problems are very common affecting about one in four people in Britain.

However there is still a lot of embarrassment, shame and confusion, even about the more well-known forms such as depression and anxiety.

Consequently people often try and hide their problems and muddle through. Sometimes the difficulties can be significantly underestimated.

Being able to identify and understand the meaning of a mental health difficulty for that individual, at that time in their life is essential to working with that person. The likely impact upon the family is also important for professionals to understand when working with families.

Our training will:

  • Explore the reasons why mental health difficulties arise in families
  • Enable professionals to identify difficulties
  • Enable professionals to adapt their work to take account of difficulties and improve their effectiveness with families

We can tailor training to take account of professionals at different stages of their knowledge and experience, as well as their different roles with family members, such as educators, primary health workers, social care professionals or mental health practitioners.

Training can consist of a general overview of difficulties or focus on specific problems.

Our Training Packages

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