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We offer Psychological Consultations to professionals and organisations.

What is consultation?

Consultation is the process of sharing psychological knowledge and theory with other professionals. It provides a reflective space to think creatively about the issues at hand.

Why have consultation?

Consultation can benefit individual workers, teams or whole organisations. The focus of meetings may vary depending on your needs, and may include:

Sometimes it is not always appropriate or possible to see young people or families for direct work. Sometimes they decline to come to therapy despite all the concerns about them. Often those left working with the family remain extremely worried and concerned. Consultation can provide support to the team to manage these concerns and to discover additional ways to help create positive change for the child and their family, or help to manage the challenges presented.

Consultation is a way for agencies to access advice, support and skills development in working with people who have emotional, psychological and mental health needs.

Consultation can also provide a supportive space for professionals who are working with often complex and challenging young people. Regular consultation meetings can help to build a coherent team approach, resilience and prevent worker burn out.

Who should come for a consultation?

If there are lots of people around the child then it can be really useful to start with as many people as possible. This allows an opportunity to coordinate approaches towards working with the child and their family and to share specialist knowledge between professionals.

Children in Need and Looked After

Consultation can be particularly beneficial for foster carers and colleagues working in residential settings. Consultation provides access to psychological ideas and interventions for young people through those practitioners or carers who are most closely involved in their lives without the need for the child to form another, new professional relationship with someone else.

Consultation can be particularly beneficial for family centre or contact supervisors as well as social workers, educators and primary health care professionals. It can help professionals enhance their psychological skills and improve confidence in working with families.

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Depending on the reasons for consultation, meetings can be one-off events or involve   

on-going regular sessions.

Regular consultations can help improve the psychological thinking and skills within your agency.


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