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We aim to provide an ethical, evidence based and respectful psychology service for families and agencies.

We work collaboratively with clients, creating a safe and empathic space to help create the changes they want to make.

We provide a broad range of evidence based therapies that are tailored to each family’s specific needs.

We aim to support whole families. We offer intervention with individual children, parents or the whole family group, avoiding the need for different family members to seek help from multiple services.

We understand that parents and carers are often the most important people in a child’s life and therefore are best placed to form part of the solution to helping children manage distress and psychological difficulties.

Sometimes it is also important that parent’s take care of their own own mental health and emotional well-being.

We therefore recognise the importance of looking at the whole family functioning in determining therapeutic need and that a family approach is the most effective intervention to improve long term outcomes for children.

When a child does not want therapy for themselves we are still able to work with other family members or carers who will consent to therapy, and effect positive change for the child.

We keep the child’s needs at the forefront of any intervention with parents / carers.

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